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     Providing excellent medical care for those located in Decatur and Athens, Tennessee, as well as the areas surrounding is Dr. Shane Roberts. He has been practicing family medicine in this community for 25 years and counting. A native of Tennessee, Dr. Roberts believes in offering cutting-edge medical care for his patients without losing that exceptional hometown service. Quality, professional family care is the standard in Dr. Roberts’ practice. Our exceptional staff are dedicated to great patient care. Hometown healthcare means that you are being treated by a friend and neighbor who is invested in your health, your family, and your community. 

 Come and see a difference which a great family practice physician can provide.

Pediatrics – Geriatrics

We care for persons of all ages, from birth to senior adults.

Long-Term Chronic Care

Our providers may recommend and oversee long term chronic care for a patient. “Long-term Chronic Care” includes a range of services designed to help individuals who have become unable to care for themselves. This may be a temporary situation (recovering from an accident, injury or medical event) or an ongoing one (due to ongoing health conditions, disability, or aging).

Annual Exams and Wellness Visits

An Annual Wellness Visit focuses on maintaining wellness and stopping health problems before they occur. Annual Wellness Visits are separate from regular medical visits related to illness or injury. Most insurance plans pay for one wellness exam each year. These visits may include checking your vital signs; a review of your personal and family medical histories; a discussion of current lifestyle and health choices; screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes; immunizations; scheduling screening tests such as mammogram, pap test, osteoporosis screening, and colonoscopy; and a review of immunizations. Schedule your wellness exam today!

Hospital Follow-Up

Our goal is to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital. When a hospitalization occurs, a follow-up visit in our office allows our providers to see how you are doing and to ensure you are not having any complications. Sometimes further work-up or a referral to a specialist needs to be made after you come home from the hospital. This is also a great time to talk with your provider about your condition or to ask questions. We are happy to help in your continued recovery.

Sports Physicals

A Sports Physical helps to determine whether a child (or adult) is physically able to participate in a sport safely. Sports physicals do not take the place of regular medical care or routine checkups. Insurance companies do not pay for sports physicals.

Skin Lesion Removal

You may have a skin lesion or growth removed because it is too big, bothersome, or uncomfortable. Or you may have a lesion removed because it could be precancerous or cancerous. Our providers can often treat simple skin lesions during a routine visit.


Vaccines are recommended based on age, health, or specific circumstances. Our office can vaccinate appropriate patients for polio, mumps, rubella, measles, chicken pox, measles, meningitis, tetanus, pneumonia, influenza, and covid19  (Moderna only)

DOT Exams for Established Patients

Our providers are certified Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) medical examiners. They will complete your physical examination and complete the medical examination report as part of your commercial driver’s medical certification. Please note: Insurance companies will not cover DOT exams; The DOT exam cannot be billed as an Annual Wellness Visit.

Allergy Injections

With the agreement of the ordering Allergist, we can provide regular allergy shots as a service to patients undergoing immunotherapy. This service is a convenience for patients to continue immunotherapy closer to home.


Our office is equipped with digital x-ray capability and staffed with certified x-ray technicians. This enables our patients to have rapid access for x-ray evaluations. Your provider may recommend x-rays to check for bone fractures, some types of tumors, signs of pneumonia, or to evaluate some types of injuries.


Our office is equipped with equipment to monitor your heart’s health. An electrocardiogram (EKG) is used to quickly evaluate heart health. This test is common and painless and may be conducted in office. A similar but more extensive evaluation of heart health may be conducted with a 24-hour Holter monitor.


Spirometry is the most common type of pulmonary function or breathing test. We can conduct this test in our office. The test measures how much air you can breathe in and out of your lungs, as well as how easily and fast you can blow the air out of your lungs.


Specimens for routine labs ordered during office visits can be drawn in our office. The labs are the processed  n Nashville through our reference lab, PathGroup.


Through a contract with Contract Health Services, an ultrasound technician comes to our office weekly to conduct ultrasound imaging ordered by our providers. This convenient service means our patients do not have to travel to area hospitals or imaging centers for ultrasound testing.


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